a unique X-ray technology

Seeing the invisible

InnospeXion designs and produces the most sensitive X-ray systems for detection of bones and foreign objects in fish products. The systems feature a unique technology developed by InnospeXion, using low energy X-rays that provide a superior image quality compared to conventional X-ray technologies.

A high image quality enables detection of smaller differences in densities, which is the key to identifying and quantifying detected elements. This means our system detects details otherwise invisible for ordinary X-ray system.

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Fitted conveyor belt

The fish product is transported through the system on a conveyor belt, which is tailored to your existing production line. The conveyor belt can easily be removed for cleaning.
The conveyor section is driven by a retractable drum motor with a pneumatic automatic conveyor tensioning mechanism

Ensuring safety with steel curtains

For safety purposes, internal steel curtains are placed to ensure scattered radiation does not leak. The steel curtains are accessible after opening the front hatch. The curtains are retracted and can be washed as required.
The curtains are interlocked so the system cannot be started unless the curtains are in their locked position

PLC software control

The X-ray system is controlled by a PLC, and has specific PLC and PC software configured to your production line capacity and needs

Automatic operation

The screen on the system enables you to control the system. Once the system has been set up, it is fully automatic and requires no human interaction.

Hygienic cabinet design

The cabinet is designed in radiation safe stainless steel and meets existing regulations for hygienic design, while being extremely maintenance friendly. The cabinet features a compact design, which is easy to service and has a long life time.

Radiation safety

Safety is an important factor when working with X-ray systems, and the lights indicate when it is safe to work on the system. The green light shows when the system is on, the yellow tells when the interlocks are on locked and it is safe to turn on the radiation, and finally the red light indicates the X-ray source is on.

Detection of fish bones down to 0.1 mm

High speed inspection up to 3 m/min

24/7 operation

Fully automatic system – no human interaction needed

Compact and easy to use

Hygienic design

  • Noise level: <70dB (A)
  • Voltage EU: 220-240 VAC 1/N/PE (Voltage U.S.100-120 VAC 1/N/PE)
  • Power consumption: 600Watt
  • Pressurized air: Max. 3 atm.
  • Communications: RJ45 – Network Connection
  • PC: XP Pro basis w/ dedicated image analysis software, PLC interfaced
  • X-ray characteristics: 20-40 kV, 1 – 12mA.
  • X-ray safety: << 5 μSv/hr at 5 cm distance
  • Detection limit: 0.1 mm
  • Belt speed: 1 – 30 m/min
  • Cooling: Internal circulation – no fans to exterior
  • User interface: Touch panel
  • Supervisor interface: Monitor, keyboard & mouse (internally in locked control compartment)
  • Environment: Indoor use only, between 5 ° C and 35 ° C, Max. 50% relative humidity
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Minimize waste and down-time


the advantages

Investing in an X-ray system is a long lasting solution to improving the quality of your product. The benefits of incorporating a low energy X-ray inspection system as a part of the production line can be directly measured, and the return on investment varies from 6-12 months depending on product.

We design our X-ray system to fit into your existing production line, so the system becomes an incorporated part of the production process. We tailor the system so it matches your specific application, and thereby outputting the best results for your product.

Conventionally, X-ray systems are used as an end control where the finished product is X-ray inspected and is discarded if flawed.
Our systems are an incorporated part of your production and is therefore used as a process control, where a flawed product is automatically discarded during the production process.

Our Micro Fish Bone Detection System is extremely suitable for automatic bone picking, where the X-ray system is connected to a laser bone cutting machine. The fish is inspected by the X-ray system which sends the coordinates to detected fish bones to the laser cutting machine, which automatically cuts out detected fish bones.

Optimize the cost-efficiency


the applications

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Fish bone detection
Foreign objects
Packaged products

Detecting fish bones

Our low energy X-ray systems are among the best in the World for inspecting fish products in order to detect fish bones.

This is due to the high contrast the low energy X-rays provide, enabling a detection capability of micro bones down to 0.1 mm.

Our Micro Fish Bone Detection System inspects the fish product and automatically rejects the product if a bone is detected. The system can be used for inspecting whole fish, bits and pieces and fillets.

Finding foreign objects

Foreign objects such as glass, shell fragments, stones etc. can easily make their way to the consumer without being detected in the production process. With our low energy X-ray system foreign objects down to 0.1 mm in size is detectable as a part of the production process.

Inspecting packaged products

Our low energy X-ray system makes it possible to detect both the packed fish product and the packaging itself. The content is inspected for potential foreign objects and if the right amount is inside, while the package is inspected for sealing problems and other defects.

Flaws in the sealing of packaged products allow air to enter and contaminate the product, which is impossible to detect without the use of X-ray.

The importance is that our customers experience an increase of value by investing in our technology

Jørgen Rheinlænder
Director and founder



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